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We help you tell better eco stories

Have an eco project the world needs to know about ... we help you voice it

We are sustainability specialists with solid sector know-how and business acumen.
Our sustainability work and eco writing has won some international awards. We apply this know-how to help you communicate your organisation’s sustainability and eco value in the way that is engaging, effective and unique to you.

Innovative eco content production and publication on our site and the web include:
  • Product & service articles, company profile (pillar post) articles, advertorials, press releases, testimonials & blog post writing
  • Experiential reviews of eco products & services in English & French
  • Integrated sustainability project proposal writing
  • Short online video script writing for an “explainer” or a demo, promoting your product, start-up or event
  • Sponsored content featuring, including videos & podcasts
  • Other collaborative ideas that you may have…? 

We are open to receiving interesting proposals and connecting with eco thinkers and projects
Article & blog writing

We help you tell your eco stories in a perfect voice and tone, amplify your green credentials to drive traffic to your venture by converting the interest you receive into win-win gains. In fact, communicating sustainability today is a challenge especially when the net abounds with greenwash. If you are new to this field and lack the necessary tools or time, we can help.

We write a site (seo) optimised article about your sustainable product or service telling your eco story or covering a specific project you wish to share with the world on your site or blog.

A typical article is 600 words long. We also produce longer (up to 1500-word) pieces. All our articles contain original content and are site ready. In order to illustrate your story you have an option of supplying your own imagery and video content. In turn, we will incorporate this content into the article. Alternatively, we can provide royalty-free images from a stock photo library to accompany your content. You may also provide images for your article with corresponding acknowledgement you have the rights to use images.

Our rates are flexible and based on the time and the amount of research and revisions required in completing a commissioned copy.  

Web content writing

If you need to refresh and enhance your copy or create if from scratch, we can help. We offer two types of edits and try to make the process as simple as possible:

  • Proofreading and editing of content supplied by you (basic edit)
  • A more comprehensive editing and re-working of rough content supplied to improve its impact (deep edit)

We work closely with you from the approved submission of your project through to completion and your valuable input is crucial to the delivery of a final draft that meets your needs. 

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