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“Identify your problems but give your power and energy to solutions.”

– Tony Robbins


Earthvoice Feature:   One-Page Article

Choose this option if you need a dynamic and site (SEO) optimised promotional copy about your eco product, service or sustainable event.

An (up to 600 word) article based on rough content supplied will be published as a featured article on our blog. The copy can showcase promotional imagery including adverts supplied by you and backlinks (links from other sites to the page).

The rates for this solution start from 300 €.


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Earthvoice Premium:   Our Comprehensive Package

This is our value-added service and it includes:
  • One (up to 300-word) post showcasing your product or service, which is also featured on Earthvoice blog.
  • One in-depth profile article (up to 1200-word) about you or your company, its products or services based on an interview with the CEO or other member of your organisation. The article is showcased in Voices on our website and has its own dedicated page.
  • Your eco product or service advertisement banner on Earthvoice site.
  • Your eco product or service posts across social media channels we are active on, including your promotional video content on the Earthvoice creative media channel.

Each copy is SEO optimised, and it includes keyword search, meta description, headers etc.
Thanks to our diverse specialisms, we keep our rates competitive, and you gain a beautifully crafted and web ready content package that is unique to your activity.

The rates for this package start from 750 €.


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How we work?

We provide a communication springboard for start-ups. We do this by promoting your activity and (selected) products on your platforms and our channels, by telling your story in a way that is attractive to both your customers and Google search engines.

Running a business is a balancing act with a constant need to stay on top of all communication. This means time is in short supply. Earthvoice's suite of solutions is designed to ease your workload.
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We help you grow awareness of what you do by promoting sustainability value of your goods and services.

We tell your story of how your product or service stands out and how it addresses social and environmental challenges that are often interlinked.  We present your innovation, solutions and practices through the lens of most advanced thinking in the realm of sustainable performance.
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Why does it matter to your business?

Communicating sustainability has greatly sharpened over the last two decades. Today, successful companies that put the planet and people before profit do not just boast of their eco credentials. They share their journey of challenges and successes with their discerning customers. This, in turn, rewards them with a loyal base of fans and patrons who want to know about complexities and nuances of their ventures.  Eco savvy customers want to know what drives ecopreneurs like you to invest in people, technologies and processes that extend far beyond your goods’ environmental performance.  Your clientele wants to understand the philosophy to get behind your product and service. Today, you need to lay bare the deepest insights that make up your activity to your audience in order to win their trust.

We help you connect your customers meaningfully with your eco brand

At Earthvoice, we understand the value of clear and purposeful communication and this is why we showcase projects and brands that have raised the bar on sustainability. We don’t just report on efficiency performance of a product, anyone can do that. We help your customers see connections between their ethical considerations and your product and service. We give voice to highly innovative start-ups that push the envelope of social and environmental responsiveness.

Our special focus is on projects and companies that in addition to offering goods that are sustainably made also give back to the Earth.

We turn up the volume on positive gains that directly benefit the community as a result of ethically-inspired transactions that take place.  For example, we home in on projects that create a positive community enhancement by tithing a percentage of their gain to an organisation, or sponsor an initiative or a project by donating resources. It is these deliberate spin-offs that visitors to this platform and your potential customers want to learn about.

Offering eco products and services demands a clear and effective communication

Growing ecological awareness of climate crisis and many issues related to it drives demand for ethical goods. Products and services come today in various shades of green and blue; from the most ethically radical to the least aware, stuck in outdated business as usual model. To complicate the situation, greenwash makes consumer choices even more difficult.

At Earthvoice, we understand how these phenomena affect start-ups and established businesses alike to have their voice heard above the ambient noise of empty marketing slogans and unverified eco claims.

We offer solutions that help you hit the right spot in your ethical venture’s communication. With our services we amplify your sustainability credentials to help your business gain more traction.

Our solutions help you leverage deeper understanding of your products and services among your present and future clientele. You can foster this understanding and good will and convert them into sales. At the same time you help us advance the understanding and valuing of ethical win-win models, both locally and globally.

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