Planting trees for the common good!

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How one not-for-profit is helping to shift societies out of social, ecological and economic crises 9 trees at a time.

And winning environmental awards while digging the dirt. You, too can now walk the ‘green’ talk with this innovative solution sprouted by 9Trees.

This is their compelling eco story.

We are 9Trees and we plant trees in your name! 9 trees per person, per year! We are a grassroots not for profit community interest company with all proceeds being put back into the organisation. At 9Trees we focus on creating nature-rich biodiverse woodlands throughout the UK. Every tree you plant helps us to bring back biodiversity, tackle climate change, create meaningful jobs in the countryside sector and promote wellness through nature. All in the hope to connect more people to nature and reduce eco-anxiety.

The average human in the UK emits 9 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. The average broadleaf tree sequesters 1 tonne of carbon in its life. If we all plant 9 trees every year we can have a massive impact on the greenhouse effect. This is something we can all achieve.

How we work:

  1. Altruistic Landowners supply the land.
  2. Individuals and businesses subscribe to us or buy one time purchases.
  3. We plant the native trees once we determine that a woodland is more valuable than the existing habitat.
  4. We look after the trees for 50 years, including replanting in the first 3 years to replace any saplings lost.

It is important that we continue to monitor the site after the sapling stage so we carry out ecological surveys and undertake maintenance visits every 10 years after year 5.

We have three sites in Mid Wales, one site in North Wales, Derbyshire, and Dorset which already grow our carefully sourced broadleaf saplings. We aim to secure new sites across the UK over the coming years.

So what makes us different?

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9 Trees Team creating new biodiverse forests helping communities to become carbon neutral

We plant a mixture of native tree species that we select for each location to match the needs of wildlife. We don’t plant monocultures that have no benefit for local wildlife.

We check that the tree-planting will enhance the local environment before we start; we don’t plant trees on valuable habitats that trees could displace.

We don’t take your money and just send pictures of generic trees.

We work in partnership with you, showing you precisely where the trees are and what they are, and offering opportunities for you and your team to visit the woodland and carry out some of the work if you like.

Visit their website to find out more. They also have a selection of blogs for you to read and enjoy as the winter nights draw in.
We hope to see you join them on their journey to tackle the climate crisis!

We support 9Trees in their rewilding efforts to restore ecological balance through planting trees. Click here to plant TREES with us!

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What to do next

Plant trees with us !

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