Connecting people and nature for the good of communities

Article by Aukje van Gerven, Co-Founder moyotraining.com

Posted April 2024

Sustainability article featuring 9-Trees,  planting 9 trees per person to offset carbon emissions

Planting trees for the common good!

Article by Yzzy Hill, 9 Trees.org

Posted November 2022

In this sustainability article Ecoclub founder talks about zoos and their role in conservation, wildlife protection solutions

“Evolve or Perish”, true for your Zoo too!

Article by Antonis Petropoulos, Editor, Ecoclub.com

Posted October 2022

Have an interesting eco story to tell? Why not share it with Earthvoice readers?

If you are a freelance writer or journalist who writes about changemakers, we will be interested to feature your story. We are always keen to share with our readers stories of businesses that develop ambitious eco solutions in a bid to support the transition to a zero-carbon economy.

As you can see, the range of topics we get excited about and want to share with our hub visitors is wide. From self-sufficiency and responsible lifestyle through to innovative plant-based foods, clean technologies and the latest green thinking. Our readers like to learn about progressive companies that make such lifestyle enhancements possible. Sustainability articles about cross-sector collaboration that results from innovative grassroots and eco thinking are of great interest to us.

What’s more, we give a special focus to climate change solutions. At Earthvoice we have had some success in influencing the climate action work, internationally, to date. We support radical out-of-ordinary eco projects, artisanal businesses and adventurous start-ups on their eco journey to success, thus helping build a more sustainable and just world.

What projects we feature

While we mainly focus on Europe-based sustainable projects and companies, however if your eco project has clear trading links with Europe, we may be interested in featuring it, too.

We feature written content in the form of articles, advertorials and sponsored interviews. Our only requirement is that they are in alignment with the sustainability philosophy that is at the core of our work. Please visit our Copywriting solutions page for more information on how we work.

Before submitting your eco story proposal, please read our guidelines below. This will help you decide if the article topic is the right fit for our site and if we have covered it already. Please take a good look around our platform, and especially at Earthvoice Blog, to see what social, environmental and eco business issues we voice and amplify on behalf of our clients and readers. The accepted articles are showcased in our Voices section. And if you like what we do and how we do it, please share it.

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Earthvoice Writer Guidelines

What we offer:
  • We will feature your article under Voices with your full name, title and Gravatar (headshot), and a link to the site of your choice.
  • We will share and promote your article via social media we are active on. Our readers can also share your writing. This helps you and your written work to gain further exposure.
  • If it’s a published article, we will link back to the original copy to create more interest for the article. This fits our cooperative and win-win model of working that we think is more sustainable.
What we feature:
  • We like to highlight eco stories that are local. So, if your story is about a company that is making a congruent change in the community, then we would like to share this with our readers. As we are based in France we have a French bias, however we cover any interesting and progressive Europewide projects that are in line with Earthvoice.
  • Our first and foremost consideration is that your eco story shows a clear connection between sustainability credentials of an organisation or a company and their positive impact on communities within which they operate. Sustainability articles, we feature, include narratives that help our readers learn about diverse grassroots projects and join the dots on sustainability and business innovation across all sectors. This helps our visitors make truly ethical purchasing choices.
  • That’s why our sustainability articles like to feature radical eco product and service solutions. They are envisioned by companies that benchmark their environmental and social performance against the leading altruistic thinking. Your article needs to show our readers how a business model you write about is sustainably win-win and explain all tangible gains and spinoffs that arise from it. So when you pen down your story, please have these 3 PPPs in mind: People-Planet-Prosperity.
  • Article length: 600-1200 words. We welcome in-depth and well-structured, though easy to read pieces. We prefer first-person writing, but it is up to you. Needless to say, we like professional and inspiring articles.
  • Earthvoice sustainability articles are visually appealing and have several images. You are free to include your own photos and videos to accompany your piece. Please ensure all your visuals have proper credits and captions.
  • We reserve the right to make necessary editorial changes to your article for seo purposes. Please note, all article submissions are unpaid.

If you are interested in having your eco story featured on our site, please email our editor your Working Title and a Brief Synopsis (3 or 4 lines), explaining what your article is about. Please also include a couple of lines about yourself with links to your published work/blog. Please put the story title and the category in the subject line.

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