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Earthvoice was a member of California Fruit Festival, 2022 organising committee.  We contributed with writing and creating audiovisual content for the event and its participating companies and celebrity speakers.

We founded Earthvoice, which started its life initially as a blog. We are an online hub dedicated to strategic practical advisory and climate change solutions. We specialise in immersive sustainability and social enterprise design by providing consultancy service that also includes creative content writing and video content solutions for companies and organisations.

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Contributed to the development proposal of Bukit Lawang, as an ecotourism and conservation hub in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The project main aims were to improve the conservation efforts to protect the critically endangered Orangutan and replenish the existing forest, and create many sustainable micro-businesses for the local community. It proposed the development of an integrated agro-forestry and ecotourism template for the region.

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We co-wrote and developed An Integrated Sustainable Development proposal for Carbon Neutral Parrot Resorts, Granada, Nicaragua. We also wrote the content for a new company website and press articles.

2017 and earlier content writing and journalistic projects as Earthvoice blog and Atlantis Consultancy

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Worked as a key organiser of a sustainable high impact multi-media science and music festival designed for main cities in the Mediterranean. The event’s design raised awareness of the importance of water and soil conservation. It featured integration and connection of the land and resource regeneration with the natural and cultural heritage of the region. Worked closely with a Spanish NGO Servicio Civil Internacional, an IPCC climate change scientist Dr M. Dutschke, Almeria City Council and various digital artists and project contributors.

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Contributed to BookGreener.com which has become BGreener by consulting and writing articles showcasing sustainable practices and credentials of ecotourism providers in Bali.

Co-published the integrated model in the book A Big Strategy. In times of Crisis. A Model to Help Regenerate The Environment, Community And Sustainable Economy. The book was self-published in 2012.

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We re-launched the integrated model as a 28 min short, Ecoplaza Paradise Oasis made specifically for and premiered at IIED Climate Conference, COP15, in 2009. This award-winning film, promoting solutions to climate change was shown at various green and cultural events, internationally.

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In 2012 organised a catering venue for the sustainable fundraising event of The Gorilla Organization in Brighton, UK. Talked to the CEO Jillian Miller about strategies to save the rainforest habitat.

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In 2010 at short notice organised a successful kitchen and crew catering for the biggest UK festival for kids – Lollibop Festival, Regents Park, London. Designed organic and locally sourced, 50% vegetarian and vegan menu and ran highly efficient catering operation for 150 crew members twice daily for one week.

Took part in the launch event of Avatar onto Blue-ray at Staples Center, Los Angeles to benefit Amazon Watch, 2010. Helped organise a simulated rainforest environment and press area. During the event we talked to the film director, James Cameron about how Hollywood can integrate sustainability across its entire industry. How films influence a mainstream transition to sustainability when they sound the right environmental message. His 2017 collaborative project, Disney World’s Pandora: The World of Avatar integrated sustainability.

Wrote freelance articles on sustainability, ecotourism and eco lifestyle. Wrote profile articles and covered international events including Monty Roberts’ natural horsemanship, Join-Up event, Costa del Sol, Spain. The Levante Lifestyle magazine ended its publication.

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Wrote freelance articles for a regular catering column in an English-language regional newspaper, Costa Almeria News, Spain. My articles linked food and travel to green and social issues by promoting the integration of ecotourism with conservation.

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The Centre for Natural Design & Innovation – Consultancy & Mentoring – 2004 -2015

We self-funded, set up and ran a Centre for Sustainability in an ecologically renovated historic property in Spain linking heritage to conservation and social enterprise. Eco renovation model we applied helped us achieve 30% costs savings and as a result the project was awarded a sustainability kitemark by WhatGreenHome, UK, 2009. We continued the self-funded work on the integrated models, teaching these new concepts and training many volunteers that stayed at the Centre.

Atlantis Consultancy – Consulting Transport for London(TfL) – 2002-2003

Wrote a consultancy document, Ecological Transport Network, ETN for Transport for London, TfL. We introduced Integrated Models for Sustainability and a framework for addressing Climate Change innovated by our Consultancy alongside a comprehensive Regeneration Programme with 70 concepts of practical sustainable improvements. It is a more sustainable lifestyle model adapted to the needs of the today’s world. The model was developed over many years of charity, social enterprise, business experience and interdisciplinary research. Its conclusions were presented by my green consultancy as Ecological Transport Network, ETN – Integrated Transport System written specifically to help London improve its transport in order to host the 2004 Games.

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Ecotourism South Africa -Consulting BMB Projects -2000-2001

Co-consulted Kruger National Park’s transnational extension programme as a part of Nelson Mandela Peace Parks Project, involving the creation of a social enterprise project that created sustainable green jobs for tribal people. The key objectives were community enhancement and green jobs creation through ecotourism. It increased connection and integration of the eco-tourism principles with Luxury Rondavel accommodation built, using traditional techniques and natural materials, sourced locally. One of the proposed initiatives, a Ranger Training College providing the FGASA training for international students and tourists, successfully established. 

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As members of Independent Hostels Network, UK we developed green guidelines for backpacker hostels and promoted this across the network. We increased the Network’s environmental credentials, contributing to Bristol Backpackers winning regional sustainability award. Our award winning Atlantis Restaurant employed young homeless people and international travellers. We helped them improve their skills and chances of employment. This helped us build case studies that supported our theoretical integrated model work which demonstrated, for the first time, how this integration would create a sustainable economy and more altruistic blue-green sector. Sometime after that a British chef Jamie Oliver established similar socially responsible businesses that used this win-win formula for creating lifestyle enhancements within the community.

Innovating socio-economic answers within a framework of the integrated model of sustainability to help nations effectively tackle climate change whilst solving diverse problems.

Designing eco solutions & strategies for NGOs and start-ups & teaching them to international participants at the Centre for Natural Design & Innovation, Andalusia, Spain.

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