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How MOYO Training Foundation’s nature positive tourism programmes help to restore Europe’s natural areas

We’re MOYO Training Foundation, and we support wildlife and biodiversity across the globe by delivering nature positive training programmes. 

MOYO means ‘heart’ in Swahili, and this is how we started this. From the heart, and with a heart for nature. We connect people & nature, so they can become nature positive.

Our nature positive tourism non-profit’s heartfelt and purposeful origin

MOYO Training Foundation was founded by Aukje van Gerven and Simon Collier. Simon was born and raised in South Africa, and started his safari career over twenty years ago, working across a broad sector of the safari and tourism industry in Southern Africa. He spent the last seven years supporting the development of the wildlife and tourism sector across ten countries in Europe, with a focus on sustainable business development and training within the nature-based tourism sector. 

Aukje spent most of her early career in universities, but discovered true adventure travel while cycling from Tanzania to the Netherlands. This propelled her into ecotourism, and ​she managed a small safari tour operator and worked in Wildlife Tourism development & training in different rewilding areas in Europe. 

Simon and Aukje co-created the rewilding tourism training program in 2020 for Rewilding Europe. This program trained over 200 participants & tourism professionals, and ran for three years. The nature positive impact this program had on participants and partners, has inspired them to create MOYO Training Foundation, which develops nature positive tourism programs.

What is Nature Positive Tourism?

Nature positive tourism aims to reduce and limit harm to wildlife and habitats, and actively leaves them with a more sustainable future through protection and support.

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We believe that nature based tourism needs to move towards a regenerative industry that protects wildlife and habitats, supports the rewilding of natural areas, and is mutually beneficial for both tourism entrepreneurs and for nature. 

We believe in social responsibility, so want our training programmes to be available for everyone. We also want our training programs to have a direct impact on nature. That’s why 10% of your training fee goes towards supporting nature in the areas we operate in, and benefits new trainees through (partly) funded trainings. 

How our courses are different?

To offer our participants high quality training programs, we deliver them in the world’s most beautiful and unique nature areas. Furthermore, our trainings are designed for (new) guides, tourism entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts and those generally interested in Nature, Wildlife & Tourism.

In our training programs, we focus on the impact & enterprise, wildlife tourism & rewilding, community & partnerships, and hospitality. We dive deep into how to build better tourism experiences. For you, your business, in your profession and for nature. We work with ethical wildlife specialists and regenerative tourism operators in Europe, to show the best case examples in the field.

How we work

We offer a range of training programs; the base is our Online Nature Positive training program. So, specifically, it consists of three webinars that explore and assist your transition to nature positive tourism across diverse areas, both in and outside Europe. It lays the grounds for assisting professional & business development while ensuring participants have the right foundation and ambition to positively impact nature & people moving forward.

Our client’s feedback:
“This training course is an invaluable investment for all people and businesses aiming to gain some practical knowledge on Nature Positive Tourism.”
After completing the online training, you can join a field training.

Our latest training program offering

Our upcoming training is the Nature Positive Tourism Field Training from the 25th to 29th of November, a five-day field training in Abruzzo National park, Italy. This week consists of a range of outdoor classrooms, learning sessions and experiences.  To that end, the training has been designed to provide you with both the learnings and tools to take your profession or business and personal growth forward. Our course facilitates this in a way that brings you closer to nature. In turn, this allows you to see the mutually beneficial opportunity for both nature and people.

Our client’s feedback:
“A wonderful course for anyone interested in nature oriented tourism, community and economic development around natural areas and rewilding projects.”

Featured and text images the courtesy of @moyo training foundation and @alice gianceterino, the photographer.


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