Systemic greening instigation (part 1)

Systemic greening presents countries with a vast untapped potential in focusing on the local route as well as international roadmap towards green transition and systemic greening. Both routes can significantly help. Read more

Zero Waste and climate change action

Calls for climate adaptation have become a mantra since global warming morphed into climate change. We believe that we can address the climate crisis more effectively through establishing radical decentralised community-run resource management centres. Read more

Zero Waste Lifestyle

Not having ‘stuff’ gave rise to resourcefulness which, pretty much equates to zero waste. Zero waste living has been a common feature in times up until the Second World War in much of Europe. People could not afford to waste anything. Ask your grandparents and they will attest to the fact. Read more

Tiny House – sustainability on wheels

The tiny house movement is a broad and colourful phenomenon. It is as integral to the European cultures as it is to the American psyche. However, like with many innovations, trends and cultural shifts, the tiny house living vision and philosophy links to North American pioneers such as Henry David Thoreau. Read more